Overview of Services

The performance of audits which are legally required or agreed-upon is one of the main practice areas of a CPA practice. We perform the audits of single financial statements and consolidated statements as well as audits which are required due to foundations of corporations or reorganization.

Furthermore, we provide business advisory services in different areas using our broad expertise and experience to the benefit of our clients. Our services address local entrepreneurial businesses as well as group companies of international conglomerates.

  • Audit of financial statements

    • Single financial statements according to statutory rules (German GAAP) or International Accounting and reporting Standards (IFRS, UK/US-GAAP)

    • Group Accounts according to statutory rules (German GAAP) or International Accounting and reporting Standards (IFRS, UK/US-GAAP)

    • Audit of closed-end funds according to special legation (VermAnlG/KAGB)

    • Audit of investment management companies (Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft - KVGs)

  • Other audits required by corporation law

    • Audits due to restructuring, reorganization of businesses

    • Audits regarding to contributions to share capital

  • Expert opinions

    • Reports on restructuring measures in accordance to IDW S 6

    • Reports on prospectus according to IDW S 4

    • Prepration of Business Valuations, Valuations of contributions in kind and similar

  • Audit of Internal Control system (z.B. SOX 404 Compliance)

  • Compilation of single or group financial statements in accordance to

    • German statutory or International Accounting and Reporting Standards

  • Transaction Advisory Services (Mergers & Due Diligence, Purchase Price Allocation)

  • International Accounting and Reporting Standards (IFRS/IAS) and US-GAAP

  • Business Processs Improvement with relation to financial information

  • Advice regarding the implementation and improvement of an adequate internal control system

    • if required with addressing the requirements of the Sabanes-Oxley-Acts 404

Tax Advice for businesses requires more and more specialized experts for specific tax issues (i.e. VAT, duties, international taxation), due to the increasing complexity of the laws, interpretations by the courts as well as the fiscal authorities and frequency of changes.